Monday, October 23

Beau Gets a Baby!

You may remember Beau, a Frenchie who came to FBRN with serious health problems. He suffered from not only a case of heartworms, but also Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever!

The generous gifts and donations of FBRN supporters and the tender care of his foster mom made Beau's successful treatment possible. He was adopted by a wonderful young family in southern California and he became brother to ten year-old rescue puggie, Fred.

Well, what a difference a year makes! Here is darling Beau with his adorable new baby brother. At five and a half months old, this child is already capturing hearts wherever he goes. And Beau is keeping a close eye on his creeping and crawling and rolling over-ing and various activities. We suspect Beau will be particularly interested in the zweiback that will come with the teething.

Good boy, Beau! exclaims
The Frog Princess

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