Friday, October 20

Louis Wears His Team

Oh, the best laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley, so they do, indeed. Look at this funny mug. Does he look familiar? This is FBRN outpost grad, Shorty. He's adorable and very photogenic. FBRN volunteers have been known to swoon upon the mere mention of his name: Shortstack. Whoohoohoo. Shivers.

And yet this adorable Shorty has revealed himself to be a half-pint martinet! Poor Louis was a foster in Shorty's home for a week or two when it became apparent that although Shorty had accustomed himself to life with last year's foster, Ollie, he was not going to have any Louis in his home. This was a terrible disappointment, as Louis had already been introduced to family members and had already donned the local colors of the Philadelphia neighborhood in which his foster family lives.

Louis' foster mom admits that she is not really an Eagles fan, but says that if one were to appear in her real team's shirt, the locals would be prone to violence and salty language the likes of which young Louis oughtn't to be subjected. So he did like the Romans do, and wore what the Romans wear.

Louis' foster family gave Shorty and Louis as much time as they could to settle their differences, then came to the sad conclusion that Shorty was just not going to play nice with Louis, who had some issues of his own concerning how to treat one's elders and betters.
With the help of FBRN's foster coordinator, the family decided to rehome Louis to another foster family where he could learn some manners with someone who is home all day and able to supervise interactions in a household that can be easily sectioned off with gates and closed doors.

Louis is now living in New England, and it's a pretty sure bet that the Patriots fans in his new neighborhood are not going to take kindly to his Eagles shirt! What is a foster to do? Clearly, someone must send poor Louis a new outfit to match his new location. Are you the one? If so, you can go to Louis' page and send a donation through PayPal or send an outfit to the PO Box on the Contact Us page.
These little reshufflings happen from time to time in rescue. Though we like to minimize the moving around our fosters undergo, sometimes moving is the best answer to a difficult situation. Though we try to match dogs to foster homes, sometimes our best efforts gang a wee bit agley. So it was in this case.

As Allen Sherman put it so succinctly long ago, "You went the wrong way, Ol' King Louis!" However, we are happy to report that young King Louis is, though still a sucker for the shiny fabric of the sports team, not nearly the pill his ancestor was!

To you King Louie we say fooey.
You disappointed all of France.
But then what else could we expect
From a king in silk stockings
And pink satin pants.

As a member of a royal family, we can only shake our head at some of the antics of our royal ancestors. We hope to never give our subjects cause to introduce us to the the vicious and insatiable Mary Anne.

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Looky that Shorty. Smiling like a Cheshire cat while issuing mandates and taking down youngsters. Here's the thing about dogs - they might LOOK like they feel guilty, but they really don't. Best wishes to King Louis -only we all KNOW who the real despot is.......

Anonymous said...

Excellent use of literary allusion, young FP!