Friday, October 13


Some girls have a reputation they didn't earn. Some girls should have a worse reputation than they have. And some girls have earned every bit of the reputation they wear like a badge of honor on a Girl Scout uniform.Dora has earned her reputation. She's a tough girl. She's a bit of a handfull. Dora's theme song is, "I'll Be Hard to Handle" and she swings it like Ella.
Dora was surrendered by her family when she took to bossing around the elderly dog in her home. The girl cain't hep it. She likes to be in charge. A world run by Dora is a happy world, in Dora's opinion.
What Dora needs is someone to come along who'll help her to know how much fun life can be when someone else drives.

Like most dominant dogs, Dora requires consistency and a clear message about who is in charge. Dora will probably try to test her people every day, trying to learn whether today is the day she finally gets to be in charge. Her new family has got to understand that she can never have a day when she's in charge, because like the camel, if you let Dora's nose into the tent, pretty soon the tent is full of Dora, and you are sleeping under the wide, starry sky.
Dominant girls are generally very intelligent, and Dora is quite smart. She's active and she's playful and she wants to spend time with her people. If you have the time to really devote to a dog, and if you have the experience with tough, smart, go-getter dogs like Dora, or at least the willingness to learn how to live with a girl like her, fill out an application.
Dora is a dog for someone who wants to really make a dog a part of their daily life. She's not going to be an ottoman dog who sleeps in the corner while her people go about their business. She'll require stimulation and exercise to be happy, and the payoff for her people is a cheerful, engaging girl who'll enlarge and improve their lives. If you can provide a stable, loving home for a reform-school girl, we'd love to hear from you. Check out Dora's available page, here. Some of us feel the bad girls are the best girls, cracks
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Ella, or Mae West ("When I'm good, I'm good, but when I'm bad, I'm better")? Dora, you go, girl!