Wednesday, October 11

Max and Lulu

Max and Lulu were surrendered when their family realized that a toddler in hand and a baby on the way meant too little time for two little Frenchies.

Max was an FBRN grad from 2003. He and Lulu are very close, as you can see in the photos here. Lulu spends a good deal of time trying to keep him cleaned up and acting right, but Max is a wild thing. Here is an update from Max and Lulu's foster Mom:

"Max and Lulu are doing great, they are by far the most well behaved foster dogs I have ever had. We were out in the suburbs this past weekend - the land of green grass and fenced in yards aka puppy paradise. This weekend was especially busy, my cousin and her two daughters (ages 4 and 10 weeks), my friend from out of town, my older sister, myself, and Max & Lulu were all visiting my mother and her two large Golden Retrievers in her not so big house! It is safe to say that Max and Lulu get along with people of all shapes and sizes.
Lulu was a little skittish around Rilee (my cousin's 4yr. old daughter) at first but warmed up after a couple hours. Max relished any and all attention that was remotely directed toward him. Once, he took it a step too far and took a flying leap onto the couch where Grace (10 weeks) was lying on her back sleeping. Luckily, my cousin caught him mid-air and averted disaster. I guess he thought Grace might be getting an unfair share of the attention! Lulu was a bit more gentle with Grace, she sniffed her while she was sleeping in her car seat and then proceeded to sit next to her for a little while, they looked so cute!"

Here is a completely unrepentant Max, grinning like a Jack O' Lantern. Anytime young children and dogs are together, vigilance is the watchword, and we're glad to know that Max's extended foster family is fully aware of the complications that can arise when Frenchies join the fun!

We'd like to have seen young Max being snagged mid-flight by the baby's mamma, but we must settle for an imagined visual.

Poor Lulu watched, appalled, then had several medicinal brandies to calm her nerves. Big sister to a wild thing is a tough gig. As we have mentioned, the antics of our own younger sisters frequently cause us alarm and aggravation and have tempted us to take a glass or two of revivifying refreshment at the end of a long day of princess sitting.
Max and Lulu, we are gratified to learn that you are, by and large, well-behaved. Keep up the good work, Lulu, and sit on the boy as often as needed, counsels
The Frog Princess

PS Please keep a good thought for Mad Max as he undergoes dental surgery next week to remove a cracked and decaying molar. If you've got any nice, soft chicken liver pate just lying around and going to waste we know a certain swollen-jawed Frenchie who'll know what to do with it! Mmm. Pate and Ice cream.


Anonymous said...

Lulu looks like she's regretting those brandies.


Anonymous said...

Max and Lulu have stolen my heart!