Tuesday, October 24

Louis on the Mend

Here's the adorable Louis, recovering from his neuter surgery.
He's having some nice tea and watching Animal Planet on the television.

From time to time he goes outside to check out the weather and the beautiful foliage in New England.

And then he comes back inside to see if there are any good reruns of Underdog or Lassie on.
His foster mom says he's become quite the little snuggle bunny, and he is learning all kinds of commands so he'll be ready for his new family. He's a little cranky around the other dogs when they try to move in on his toys or his dish, but his foster family is working hard to stamp that out.

What an adorable little scamp he is, sighs
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

I don't know about you, FP, but I have never completely outgrown the "adorable little scamp" type.

Sigh, Patti