Thursday, October 26

Pancake's Parting

This morning we received word that one of the NC10 has been placed with his new family. We wanted to share the photos of the first meeting and his foster mom's description of the hand off. Our foster families volunteer to have their hearts broken over and over again in the best interests of the dogs they come to love. Our hats are off to Pancake's foster family for their courage and selflessness in finding a wonderful home for this darling boy.

"Yesterday was a sad and happy time for me and my son (Ryan). As we drove to meet Pancake's new mom we reflected on some of the funnier things that Cakes would do to entertain us on a daily basis. We drove about hour or so to meet her and laughed and cried most of the way, all the while Cakes was in the back looking out the window and napping along the way.

We arrived at the meeting spot to find his Mom sitting in her car waiting for us to arrive. The smile on her face was absolutely priceless and I wanted to stop the car and make her stay exactly like she was so I could take a picture, but she ran up to the car to see her new baby’s face--which was in the window looking back at her with the same joyful expression.

We talked and did the formalities and then it was time to say goodbye. As we said our goodbyes I knew that Cakes was going to be one happy boy and I was so lucky to have found his new mom.

Ryan gave a big hug and kiss to Cakes, told him he loves him and not to forget us. His new mom was in tears. I lifted Cakes into the car and he gave me a little kiss as if to say goodbye. I hugged his mom, and I got into my car. My son looked at me and said, “Don't worry mom this is a happy time for Cakes” as the tears streamed down his face. We hugged for a moment and cried for a final time and headed home.

I am so happy that Cakes is finally in his forever home."

Pancake is off to enjoy his his new life and family. Ryan and his mom probably won't have long to wait before another needy little French bulldog shows up and asks for their care and comfort. Not everyone is cut out for fostering, but if you'd like to help in another way, you can check out our page on the FBRN website.

Sweet life, Pancake! calls
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Ryan and his mom are very special people! One of our friends sponsers goldens, and it is a sad and happy time when one of his dogs finds a new home. I hope Pancake's new owner keeps in touch with his fosters and sends lots of pictures. Two of our four dogs came from foster homes and we have been so fortunate to have made new friends who know so much about about mastiffs and offer good advice about the breed in general and the new adoptee in particular. It's like having a seasoned grandparent who has lots of practical advice and who also is truly eager to see photos of and hear stories about the kiddies. Rescue organizations are great resources on so many levels!

Anonymous said...

This brought tears to my eyes. My heart goes out the foster family. What a wonderful gift you have given both to Pancake and to his new family. Blessings!