Sunday, October 8

Hank Joins Our Ranks

This week, we welcome young Hank to the ranks of FBRN's handsome and beautiful foster dogs.

This little guy was picked up on the mean streets of Knoxville, Tennessee. And we do mean the mean streets! Silly Hank was playing in traffic when he was snabbled up by a good Samaritan, who put an end to his game of traffic tag. A few more minutes of that little game might have made a real impression on him, if you catch our drift.

Happily for Hank, his savior came along to rescue this doggy with a death wish and though she advertised and zealously sought for an owner, no one ever stepped forward. She even discovered that Hank has a chip, but there is no record of anyone ever registering a name with the device. People! If you go to the trouble of putting a microchip in your dog, follow up by registering your name and address with the company.

Meanwhile, Hank is enjoying his new foster home in Georgia, playing with the two resident canines and his foster family people and growing accustomed to a yummy new diet. Following his neuter surgery and a dental cleaning, he'll be ready to go home with a forever family and live happily ever after, and, we hope, have no further truck with traffic!

We close with a special thank you to all the good Samaritans of the world, from a grateful
Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

This babe is a babe. I hope to send in my app for a frenchie and maybe this beautiful Hank may be able to catch a ride to Hohenwald, Tn to be my forever babe and to share that forever with Tug my old boxer who love them all.