Tuesday, October 3

Meet Elita!

We are so glad to welcome Elita to FBRN!Shortly after coming into our care last week, Elita went down in the hindquarters and in the photos, you can see that she is walking with the help of a sling under her tummy. She's responding well to meds, but as Frenchie owners know, recovering from a back injury is often a long and careful process, and when the dog is young, it's a process liable to setbacks and re-injuries if the dog gets too active too soon.

Often, recovering from a spinal or back injury requires weeks of crate rest. That can be hard on the family caring for the Frenchie and hard on the Frenchie herself! But strict adherence to the rules of recovery and treatment really does pay off in most cases, and though the Frenchie may need to take special care and may be susceptible to re-injury, the likelihood of paralysis is greatly reduced when instructions are followed to the letter during the recovery period. Remember--don't let Frenchies jump off your bed or the furniture, and try to prevent them from jumping off raised decks. We've heard of Frenchies injuring themselves leaping off a set of stairs!

Elita is wearing a diaper in one of the photos, and that's because she lost control of her bladder and bowels during the early days of her injury. We are delighted to report that she is now pottying outside and has recovered sensation in her legs and back end. She was turned over to us from a breeding facility, and she is wallowing in the human companionship she is getting at her foster home, even taking comfort from having people just sitting near her crate.

Elita will be staying in foster care for a little while as her back mends and she learns about life as a housedog. If you'd care to sponsor the costs of helping Elita recover, please click here. Get well, soon, Elita, so you can come to tea at the castle! invites
The Frog Princess

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Poor girl! Get well soon Elita!