Wednesday, October 18

Fortunately, Unfortunately

Here's a dog with a long tale. Unfortunately, she got lost, and Grunt came to us a foundling in Texas. We were prepared to vet her and place her when her owners couldn't be located.But fortunately, Grunt had a microchip, which we discovered while she was in our care.
Unfortunately, the microchip had never been registered to an owner. Fortunately, the chip had been purchased in a lot and we knew who the buyer was! Unfortunately, the buyer was a breeder who had placed the dog with a family which had rehomed the dog with another family and lost track of them. Fortunately, Grunt's breeder was delighted to take her back again!
See what a little good fortune (and a good deal of perseverance on the part of a foster mom!) can do for a girl? Sweet Grunchella is back among her family, and we are so happy to have played a part in getting her home again.
If you buy a microchip, please, please! record your name with the company. This story had a happy ending, but we know of others that did not.
Fortunately yours,
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

That's one of the happiest Frenchie smiles I've ever seen! Way to go FBRN!

Anonymous said...

I am a great believer in the usefulness of the microchip! A friend of mine had a Boston terrier who got out of her yard in APRIL this year. They put up posters, ads in the paper, searched the dogpound, and couldn't find her. LAST WEEK they received a call that a man was driving in the neighborhood, saw the dog wandering (she'd come into heat and apparently left whoever was keeping her) and opened his car door. She jumped right in. He took her to his vet, who scanned her, and she was returned to her rightful mom SIX MONTHS later! Thank God whoever had her all that time apparently took good care of her, as she's in very good condition. Let's all microchip our dogs!!!!