Tuesday, October 31

Boogity Boogity Boo!

We have received several great photos of Frenchie fosters and grads in their Hallowe'en costumes. Here is our foster Bugsy in his beautiful pumpkin-colored collar for greeting guests at home and also in his more formal Piggie costume for going door to door.

Milo is Arf Vader!

And here is the elegant Ginger Rogers taking a walk on the wild side in her tiger suit. Ginger is a very popular Frenchie, famous for her regal trick of waving to her subjects for French fries and treats.

Behold! The One-Eyed Jack! Joey One Eye when he's at home, he appears here in a handmade costume featuring a fabulous fabric of scarlet red with gold cords and tassels and a handsome plume in his velvet cap.

And here is FBRN grad Abby, who has recently overcome a prolonged and mysterious illness which simply baffled every doctor in town. She's finally beginning to come back to her pre-illness perkiness.

We think this girl is just the last word in adorable. Please drop by the front page of FBRN and put a dollar in her trick or treat sack today!

This last photo came to us from an FBRN supporter. It's taken in the dark, and you may not be able to see it clearly, but it's a Frenchie face carved in a pumpkin!
To all our goblins and ghoulies: be safe as you go trick or treating tonight! Wear your reflective shoes and collar reflectors, and carry some extra baggies to pick up after yourselves.

If you are staying home to be the hander-outer, be sure your Frenchie has ID and a lead on, just in case your couch potato suddenly turns into a door-dashing escape artist! Better yet, keep your Frenchie behind a baby gate or crated where they can see and hear the action, but they can't run out the door.

When the children get home, be sure to put their bags of swag high out of reach, so that little Frenchie greedyguts can't get at them!

Happy Hallowe'en! from
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

I think the little "Abby-saurus" is the cutest thing I've seen in awhile!! I double-dog dare anyone to not smile when looking at today's photos!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree, too cute!

Anonymous said...

Milo says: "Luke, I am your farter, er, father." : D