Saturday, October 7

Blessing of the Animals

This weekend, many churches across the country are celebrating St. Francis of Assisi's feast day (Oct. 4) with a Blessing of the Animals. Parishioners and congregants gather with their animals to receive a blessing from their pastor or priest. Sometimes held inside and often outside, the celebration is often very moving, deeply spiritually uplifting and sometimes has moments of unexpected humor.
Members of the congregation have a chance to meet each others' companions and to establish even greater connections through their shared love of animals.

Here is Clyde, an FBRN foster, with the other dogs in his foster home, preparing for the service and passing the peace with some young passersby. And here is FBRN grad Mattie receiving a blessing with her mom from Monsignor Curci at Mother of Sorrows Church in Murrysville PA.

It's a nice time to take a moment and ask each other or a higher power for the strength, wisdom, compassion, courage, patience and commitment to continue our work rescuing and rehabilitating the creatures in our care.

So be it, says
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Bubba enjoyed his first St. Francis blessing. Katie always goes too & hides behind me so no one will see her, let alone pet her. But Bubba thought it was a great way to see other animals & people. He always loves making friends. The elementary school comes outside for the blessing & the kids all love the animals & MOST of the animals love the kids attention.