Sunday, October 22


Arianna was a special girl. In her younger days, she was a champion. One of her admirers, an FBRN volunteer, asked to be permitted to adopt her when her show and breeding days were over.

But Arianna's breeder wanted a life for Arianna where she would be an only dog and she placed her with a family who had no other pets.

Years later, when FBRN's founder drove from Massachusetts to Maine to pick up Arianna from a shelter, she was shocked to find that this was a show dog, a champion, and a dog with a very nice pedigree from a reputable breeder. When we sought to return Arianna to her breeder, we learned that she had passed away.

The people who dumped Ari at the shelter doubtless saved her life when they gave her age as 7, rather than the 11 we knew her to be.

At eleven years old, to be ignominiously dumped at a shelter! When Arianna's photo was posted to the available page and her story was told, the volunteer who had loved her from afar could not believe her eyes. She immediately put in an application and was selected to provide Arianna a home for her twilight years.

Little did we imagine that Arianna would survive to enjoy her 15th birthday. She lived out her days in the nation's breadbasket, Kansas, and enjoyed the company of courtiers and jesters, children and admirers.

She especially loved her nephew Walker, and Walker took great care in teaching his baby sister, Veronica, how to play gently with the aging Arianna.

To the end of her days, Arianna loved her stuffed toys and was seldom without at least one in easy reach.

She shared her life and her beauty with her family and her Frenchie pals, and she certainly enjoyed adventure and travel! From top dog to shelter dog to rescue dog to regnant Queen, Arianna lived her life fully and joyfully.

We know she is sporting a tiara and boa at the Rainbow Bridge and delightedly accepting the tributes of all the little doggies.

She was always a good girl, and she was always a kind girl.

Arianna, rest in peace.

The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

I have always believed that the highest compliment you can pay (to anyone) is "He/She is a good dog."

Arianna clearly lived her last few years with laughter and love. The person who made those years so special earned a star in their crown in heaven!