Wednesday, April 2

Happy Birthday, Yoda!

A long, long time ago, FBRN grad, Yoda was born. In fact, it was ten years ago today and FBRN would like to wish the “wise Jedi master” a Happy Birthday! (Ten years is a long time in Frenchie!)

Yoda was adopted by her adoring family six years ago and now has the fun job of playing “mom” to a human baby! Here was the write up from her adoption in 2002: “Yoda is sharing her new digs in Saint Petersburg, Florida with a very easy going rescue bull terrier named Maxwell and a pair of ferrets named Casper and Clyde! Her new owners have promised to make room on the bed for her - and Maxwell has promised to make room on the couch. With someone at home during the day, Yoda won't have to spend too much time alone!”

According to her family’s most recent update, she’s a great looking, playful gal with a tiny bit of gray in her muzzle. We wish you many more happy years ahead! Happy Birthday!

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