Tuesday, April 15

If it is Tuesday, this must be ROMA!

Our baby still hasn't opened her eyes, but that should happen in just a day or two or three.Here's what her foster mom said about yesterday's vet visit:
"Well our little tadpole is doing fine. She is robust and frisky. I took a picture of her being weighed and she now is just under 9oz. It is a good sign that even with the pneumonia, she has continued to gain weight. I took these pictures of her being weighed this morning. I was sent a wonderful web site that has a feeding scale according to weight so I have increased the about of her feeding and she is tolerating it very well."
She has a new formula to eat, thanks to the same experienced-with-cleft-palate-babies who sent the feeding scale website, and we are holding our breath until Roma opens her tiny peeps.

All our members are sending up their good wishes and continuing to hope for the best possible outcome for this tiny, wiggly, darling girl. You are sending yours, too, hopes

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

She is pulling at my heart strings and i am sending all my wishes and only the best thoughts, im out here for ya baby, keep on truckin!!

Anonymous said...

God bless Roma & her wonderful foster momma. Having bottle fed my own Frog, I know how hard it is to manage a brachycephalic breed; I can't imagine dealing w/ the cleft palate besides. Sending Frenchie snorts your way.

Anonymous said...

I am really happy there's a organization like yours for frenchies. Keep it up!