Wednesday, April 2

FBRN Foster JUNIOR is missing!

Please help us find our missing foster, Junior, who also answers to the name of Sammy.

He and his foster mom and her dogs were attacked by two strays and Junior slipped his lead. He is missing in Bushkill PA. Last seen this afternoon on the extensive wooded grounds at the
Mountain Laurel Performing Arts Center
on Bushkill Falls Rd. in
Bushkill PA, 18324

Junior had surgery recently. He is shaved on right shoulder and elbow. He has a collar and microchip tag and tags with AABR tag contact info. Junior is a dark brindle with a big white patch on his chest, sometimes shy or excitable with people, and may be in pain from the attack. Please approach him carefully or better yet, keep him in sight and call his foster mom's cell phone: 570-872-4634.

Junior is an FBRN foster dog. If you live in the area, please consider helping in the search.

We'll post an update as soon as we hear anything. Please keep a good thought for Junior tonight, lost in the woods.

The Frog Princess

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