Thursday, April 3

A Sad Day in Lancaster County, PA

Sally Jane, the French Bulldog seized from convicted animal abuser and puppymiller Elvin High, has been returned to the man who allowed her festering sores to become infected to the point that she required immediate veterinary intervention. Judge Farina, who acknowledged receiving many, many letters about Elvin High's sentencing, some of them from FBRNetwork News readers, felt no compunction to follow the pleas of the public nor even the sentencing advice of the prosecutor, who asked that High be prohibited from owning dogs for 2 and a half years. It appears that, as Dickens so astutely pointed out, "the law is a ass."
This judge, and others of his kind, are simply not attuned to the wave of outrage and disbelief that is sweeping the country as more and more people learn of our nation's willingness to turn a blind eye to the suffering and horror inflicted upon many hundreds of thousands of dogs in the puppy mill or "commercial breeding" industry.
Here is a link to the article describing Judge Farina's ill-considered decision.
In other puppy mill news, The Oprah Winfrey Show will be airing a report on puppy mills on Friday afternoon. Lisa Ling has put together a show on the topic, and it is timely and, we hope, one of the most effective ways of informing and educating the US public.
Let us hope that Judge Farina and others who are in a position to make decisions and pass sentence on animal abusers watch the program and learn something.
Those of our readers in the area of Lancaster County may wish to set aside Sept 20 and plan to attend Puppy Mill Awareness Day at Intercourse Community Park in Leacock Township, PA.
A disgusted
Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

I'm outraged and heartbroken to hear this news.

Anonymous said...

I feel so angry! That poor little girl :(
I cannot believe how ignorant that judge is!!! Can Sally Jane be re-rescued?

Lane Miller

Anonymous said...

You're right Frog Princess, it's a very sad day in the land of puppymills - Lancaster County, PA. Judge Farina should be sentencing the guilty---not the poor, helpless dogs that these people treat like livestock!

Unknown said...

Not only is the "law an ass" but it appears that "the law" is wearing its robe over its ears and playing irresponsible games with the scales of justice. My sentence would be to have the judge trade places with Miss Sally Jane. a VERY dissappointed Lucille

Tess Rinehart said...

I'm so very sory, but as you say, the law is not always just, nor always fair. I will pray that Sally Jane will be able to leave this despicable person permanently at some point in the future--I won't tell you what I'll pray for Elvin High!
Take heart, and God bles you for your work!

Pinky said...

I have already written another letter to let the Judge know that this is awful and disquisting his judgment was.

I called the shelter and they said that the foster family is in neogotaions with the breeder to keep Sally Jane. They said that they could not comment more than that.

I am so disheartened by this so called Judge. The mentality of the breeders and millers in Lancaster county is just awful. I am going to work diligently to help gather and make people aware in Pittsburgh, PA of what is occuring in their state.

The Frenchsters said...

What petitions can we sign, what letters can we write? I cannot donate much money at the moment, but are there other things we can do? Could you set up a page in Sally Jane's name and let people know how they can help? Can we send her picture to Oprah? Thank you so much for all the wonderful things you do. Carol, Lucy, Yo-Yo.

bulldogsmom said...

I wrote this judge 7 letters 2 werer from my daughters. This is injustice to poor Sally Jane. I live close by about 1 1/2 hours I would be glad to donate any time or funds needed plese e-mail if there is anything I can do!

Anonymous said...

Hello from Lancaster, PA. The foster family is trying to raise money to ransome Sally Jane from Elvin High. They are doing everything from selling subs to asking friends for help to raise the money necessary. Basically it is a ransom. The family loves this dog, they nursed her back to health from her terrible initial state of health. They will not let her go back to him, and a life of breeding. For more information on how to help her, contact the animal shelter who is helping them organize this effort:, or

Anonymous said...

I encourage everyone to please get in touch with -- they are facilitating all efforts to help and are handling the situation with the necessary delicacy. I made a donation through them, and feel sure that it was the right decision.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Sally Jane has been re-rescued from that creep Elvin High. Does anyone know if this is true? I sure hope so. The thought of her being handed back to that slime just keeps me awake at night.

Anonymous said...

We just made a donation yesterday (4-15-08) to Sally Jane's "ransom", which was what the Humane League called it but they assured us that she is staying with her forever family! They have secured a 0% interest loan from a concerned community member to pay off the "ransom" and get that creep off their backs. We will stop the millers, one step at a I hug my FBRN resuce and puppy mill survivor.