Friday, April 11

Teddy Is Home

Our wonderful, soulful Teddy has found his forever family at last. The dogs with special needs must wait for equally special families to discover them, it seems, and such is the case with our Teddy. We knew he was special, from the time we picked him up after he was found bloody footed and exhausted in the desert. His true nature revealed himself as he grew to trust and love his foster family. When the time came to relinquish him to his forever family, so a new needy pup could enter foster care, his foster mom said,

"I love all my dogs. They are all wonderful. But none of them look at me the way Teddy does." Here is his foster mom's note on the day his new family took him home:

"Teddy is in NC today. They started their journey yesterday morning at 5 am.
Teddy spent 3 days with his family while they were here. It didn't take long for him to bond with them. He knew they loved him.

"Saturday we had the privilege of having Teddy visit for a couple of hours while Mom and Dad did a little sight seeing. We then took him back to the motel, and Teddy was so happy to see them again. We talked for a few moments, and Teddy came to me for one last snuggle and then he went to his new dad and asked to be picked up. As you can see in the picture, he was very content.

"Teddy is a well traveled boy. From the streets of AZ to CO and now to NC. His mom is in the mental health field his dad is a graphics designer who will be home with him all day, and he has 2 new fur siblings. We may have new volunteers. Not to foster, they had a hard time understanding how we could let this sweet boy go. But they are very glad we did.

"Be a good boy, and know you are missed by us and your foster fur siblings, but we can't wait to hear about the adventures in your new life."

To borrow from a tin pan alley lyric that was popular when our grandmother was a child in 1929, we'd like to say to our incomparable foster families: "You're the cream in our coffee! You are the salt in our stew. You will always be our necessity...we'd be lost without you!" For all you do, we thank you!

The Frog Princess

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