Monday, April 21

Roma Gets a Cuddle Buddy

A generous FBRN volunteer sent Roma a present! Here's an update from Roma's foster mom following a visit to the vet:

"Well, Roma had her appointment today. The vet was unable to do the x-ray unless she was sedated and we both did not think that was a good idea. She was wiggling and walking off so that the x-ray would not be any good. She did listen to her lungs and said they were clear. She is very pleased and impressed with how well she is doing. She did put her on amoxicilin once a day for precaution. She said to keep a close eye out and if she shows any signs to bring her in right away and she will put her back on the stronger medicine. Otherwise she does not need to see her until time for shots and spay. She was almost 12 oz. at the vets. She gave me the number to the surgeon so I will call to see about surgery and at what age. I will also them to get the information from them. Dr. Julie said she will have to have surgery. She does not feel like it will close on its own. It has not changed from last week. Roma recieved a present from Joan. THANK YOU very much. It is one of the puppies that has the heart beat and heating pad for her to snuggle with. Of course, the first thing she did was look for a nipple. Here are pics of our baby today. My female knows that there is a puppy in the room. She sleeps by the door and barks at anybody going in except me. I get a complete sniff over when I come out of the room from feeding her."

She's a sweetie pie, that Roma!
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Keep the Roma updates comin'!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We love Roma!