Saturday, April 26

Every Breed is Special--Every Rescuer Is, Too

We have many rescuers, owners and admirers of boxers among our FBRN membership. This is our own FBRN President Ruthie Chiger's beloved PJ and her Frenchie. There are far more boxers than Frenchies awaiting a new home and a new chance at life. If there is no Frenchie in your area available for adoption, consider a different smooshie faced breed with many traits--playfulness, comic nature, expressiveness--in common with a frogdog.

This video came to our attention recently. It's a lovely testament to the big hearts and selfless motivations and good works of animal rescuers everywhere.

This is our foster Hannah and her foster brother, Chet.

If you have ever wondered how rescuers can bear to see the worst of people's thoughtlessness and to witness and try to mend the aftermath of people's cruelty and wake up day after day to face it anew in another animal's eyes and body, if you've wondered why they volunteer to break their hearts again and again as they foster and release their rehabilitated dogs to a new life, this video may help explain that to you. Enjoy.

This is our foster Romey with his foster brother, Cooper, at sleepytime.

The following video was donated to Boxer Rescue Los Angeles by Present Day Pictures.

A terrific donation:

The dogs--all breeds, all sizes, all ages and all needing--are out there waiting. Join us in rescue at FBRN--or any other reputable rescue organization!--and help us give them homes.
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