Tuesday, April 22

A Weekend in the Country--How Delightful!

While undergoing tests at a specialty vet's, our funny old man, Tobias Toad, recently spent a long weekend with our Vice President, Candi Nilsson (who, incidentally, is recovering from knee surgery. Everybody say, "Feel better soon, Candi!")
He was the perfect housefrog! Tobias made absolutely no demands on anyone, apart from the requisite insistence that if a hand was not engaged in some other kind of activity it might as well be rubbing some tummy or scratching some chinny chin chin!

For Tobias it was a very good weekend of sleeping in a variety of new and comfy places. In the people bed, he slept. On the couch, he slept. In the van, he slept.
He's about ready to get his two week check up at the vet's following nares and palate surgery. He's not as sleepy now that he can breathe. And now that he can breathe, other people can sleep more easily!

Tobias Toad says "THANK YOU!" to all his fans and well wishers and especially his sponsors and FBRN's supporters. For birthday number 10, he got a chance to take a deep breath. A really deep, full, quiet breath.

Your own chests should be a-swellin' with pride, chirps
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

What great news about the wonderful Tobias Toad! Yeah for this sweet gentleman taking deep breaths. Big kisses for him and hugs to his wonderful foster family for taking such great care of this gentle soul. xoxo Rebecca

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that Tobias is getting the medical treatment and the love and attention he deserves! You guys are angels! Happy 10th Birthday - Tobias - MANY MANY MORE! Love, Angelica