Thursday, April 24

Precious Gemma

Beautiful Gemma has been growing progressively less mobile over the course of the last few months, despite her owners' best efforts to provide veterinary care from a neurologist and exercise right up to about six weeks ago, when she transitioned to a cart.
Her first family are city dwellers and they live in an apartment house without an elevator.

When Gemma's mom learned she is expecting, she knew it was a matter of time before she could no longer manage Gemma, the stairs, the cart and the baby's things at once.

Gemma's family made the decision to find a new home for her among the friends and supporters of FBRN.

And here she is! She's having lots of fun in her foster home. We are going to be exploring Physical Therapy for Gemma, as she has feeling in her rear and some bladder control. Keep a good thought for pretty Gemma as we see what can be done for her. And even if she never gets out of the cart, she's a gorgeous, sweet beauty who will make someone very happy.

You've got to: ac-cent-choo-ate the pos-i-tive, warbles
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful, indeed. You can do it, Gemma!