Wednesday, April 2


Less than 8 hours after he was attacked by strays and ran away, Junior is back home. A wonderful schoolbus driver picked him up and called the number on his tags.

Does your dog have his tags on EVERY time he goes out? Remember, it doesn't matter how sweet and good natured your dog is, if he meets an unfriendly one, unexpected things can happen. Be sure your dog has his tags on whenever he leaves the house.

A very relieved
Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

yeah!!!!!!! Welcome home, Junior!

Tess Rinehart said...

Fabulous news! I'm new to your blog, but have always loved Frenchies. Could I just toss in a plug for microchipping, too? Our humane socity offers them at low cost a couple times a year.
Thanks for your blog and your work!