Saturday, April 19


Here's the very latest report on baby Roma from her foster mom:

"Well it is the end of a long work week and we all need a spa day with a little A- Roma- therapy. Nothing better than the smell of puppy breath to relax and unwind with.

"Roma is doing very well. Both peepers are open now and she is walking on wobbly legs. She makes it a short distance and tumbles over but she just gets right back up and tries again. She continues to gain a little weight each day. I will be increasing the amount of her feeding according to the scale I am following. She returns to the vet on Monday for her follow up x-ray. I believe it will be a good result. Tomorrow is her last day of antibiotics. Each day brings new hope for this little girl that has a true will to live."

We can see that she is set to step into our own royal shoes as she floats along in her lovely purple boa. Every Frenchie girl shall have one! commands
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Darling Roma! Thank you FBRN and especially her foster family for taking such good care of her! She is in my prayers every day.

Deanna said...

What a precious little thing!

Anonymous said...

If she isn't the cutest thing, I just don't know what is. (Besides Chris & Gabe, of course!)