Tuesday, May 15

Simon Catchpenny

If you go down to the park today, you'll never believe your eyes.

If you go down to the park today, you'd better go in disguise!

For every dog that ever there was is gathered there for certain because

Today's the day those silly mutts have their playday!

FBRN grad Simon the Flyman and his inexhaustible sister Penny test the theory of gravity at a park near their home. These two are inseparable and perfectly matched in temperament and activity level.

Since Simon came to stay, Penny is much less keyed up. Since Simon came to stay, he is a happy, happy boy, attracting the love and affection of his family's family and friends and persuading even the staunchest cat people and labrador people to consider taking up the happy life that is to be had with a frogdog.

We believe you can fly, Simon! We believe you can touch the sky!

Sadly, we are not convinced you will ever beat Penny to the ball, admits

The Frog Princess.

PS Regarding the previous post about Bumble: Those who must ask whether a certain party is a certain party must not really,truly love a certain party or they would know his face by heart and they wouldn't have to ask!


Anonymous said...

GREAT pictures!

anita said...

ahh fair princess. i know that this is smeagol the magnificent. it wasnt i that questioned. lol

Anonymous said...

Great post! Does anyone know what type of harness Simon & Penny have on? Looks really great to avoid straining the front of the neck.

Shout out to Smeagol from Buddy, Tonka, Gypsy & Dolly in TN!

Anonymous said...

Simon & Penny's Harness:

The Easy Walk Harness

They are great and really help limit the opportunity for the dog to pull...

Frog Princess said...

Simon the Flyman's mom writes, a propos the halters: "The harness they wear is the "Easy Walk" harness by Gentle Leader®


They are great since our dogs are all chest and are so excited to walk, they tend to pull. It really limits the pulling and gives human good control. Penny's trainer recommended it and I am glad she did!"

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Frog Princess et al for the info re: easy walk harness! I just realized I had been putting it on my rascal all wrong! This morning's walk was so much easier...

Love the Dr. Suess rhymes about Simon and Penny!

Sweet kisses to Mister Smeagol and all the FBRN Frenchies!