Sunday, May 13

Bumbles BOUNCE!

One of our PA8 survivors of a puppy mill, our tiny perfect diva, Bumble, is celebrating her own self with a whole boxful of presents from an admirer.

And after the toys are opened and scattered and played with, what happens? Ohhh, the eyes go to half-mast, the wee shoulders slump, the baby is tiiii-rrred, and she is ready for a little nappage.

But not on the floor. No, no, no! This baby doesn't sleep on the cold, hard floor. She had enough of that in the puppy mill. Bumble knows what's coming to her. She knows what she deserves. She knows her rights! A dog with matching patches on her eyes gets to sleep in the people bed. Yes.

Bumble has a lovely foster home in a warm and sunny state and she's delighted to spend her mornings on the deck, absorbing the warmth and vitamin D she never knew while living in a barn. She's thinking of something to occupy herself once it's too warm to stay outside anymore.

And here she is. What does Bumble spend her afternoons doing? She spends them listening to stories and pestering her elders for more stories. More stories! And then she steals their toys and runs around the house until it's time once again to crawl into the bed!

It's a dog's life, sighs
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Is that Smeagol I see in the last photo?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Ha!!! I was going to write, "Is that Smeagol?!?" too.

P.S. Is it Smeagol?

Unknown said...

gosh, look at that beautiful fairy princess!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't get much cuter than this little girl!

Anonymous said...

There can be only one!

Anonymous said...

Oh surely it is, there can BE only one!

Anonymous said...

I was I that asked if the picture was truly dear heart just got all twitterpaited at the sight of that adorable face...I had to be sure my eyes were not deceiving me. :)

Lucky Bumble!!!!