Saturday, May 12

The Best Laid Plans

The best laid plans of frogs and men gang aft agley. Sadly, it's true. Here's our beautiful Sadie, come back to foster care. Though we loved the family who applied for her and they loved Sadie, the resident Yorkshire terrier was not amused. Not even a little.

So after several contretemps and a couple of battle royals and one or two down and dirty donnybrooks, the towel was thrown in, the combatants sent to their corners, and Sadie came back to us to try again to find another wonderful home.

Meanwhile, though she seems a bit confused by the recent changes, she is full of pep and energy and is a different dog than the tired, listless, crabby girl she was before the soccer-ball sized tumor came out of her tummy a few months ago! It's as though this girl knows she has beaten the odds in a mighty big way (20 per cent chance of survival? Pooh. She gently sailed through surgery and her recovery on a magical carpet, and of course she survived. And,as you can plainly see, she is thriving still) and is making the most of her time remaining.

Here she is singing an aria in her tutu. Don't tell her she's mixing her careers, please. She's cramming in all her big dreams into one short life: ballerina, opera singer, medical marvel: done. We can't wait to see what's next for her! Maybe she'll become a diplomat or a dirigible operator. We'd love to see her flying over the kingdom, waving a little paw while the flashing sign spells out "FBRN! RESCUING, REHABILITATING and REHOMING FRENCH BULLDOGS!" or maybe see her on the news throwing tiny parachutes out the blimp's window with candy bars or little toys attached or even whole packages for children in countries where there is poverty and unhappiness and lots of unmet need. She might even fly emergency missions for Doctors Without Borders, delivering supplies and personnel! She can do anything.

She should be back up on the available dogs page on the next website update on Thursday. If you'd like to see what tomorrow brings with this dear girl, check out her bio and apply for her.

Hmm. Blimps remind us of hot dogs. Hot dogs remind us of dinner. Off to the kitchen goes
The Frog Princess

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anita said...

not everyone(dog) can appreciate a froggie in a tutu.. guess the ballet isnt one of his favorites. lol i hope she finds a forever home soon!