Sunday, May 27

Lainey Learns the Lead

Three year-old Lainey came to us when a prolapsed uterus ended her career as a breeder. She had surgery at six months for a prolapsed rectum, poor baby, and the second surgery appears to have compromised her ability to fully evacuate her bowels. While she is housebroken, she requires a little clean up with a baby wipe after each BM. We discovered during her veterinary visit that her intestines are completely overwhelmed with parasites of virtually every description! Here's what her foster mom wrote following her exam:
"She is positive for round worms, hook worms, coccidia, and giardia. I don't know how some of these dogs survive with so many parasites. Then to add to her troubles, to have had a prolapsed rectum and a prolapsed uterus. And through all this, she gives kisses and loves her toys and wiggles when you talk to her. She just amazes me." The parasites are the bad news. The good news is that when the parasites are gone, the potty problems may diminish significantly. We'll hope so.

Lainey has had never had a collar on, but she allowed us to put one on her, complete with tags. However, when a lead was clipped to the ring on her collar, she struck a pose and balked. She simply froze in place and refused to budge! Had she learned some tricks from her horsie pals about digging in your heels?

Her foster mom has had a few dozen fosters over the years and knew how to address the private game of Red Light! Lainey was playing. She tied a very lightweight bit of twine to the collar, and Lainey is getting used to it. In a little while, she'll exchange the twine for a length of clothesline, then, when Lainey is accustomed to the clothesline, she'll try a bit of rope or a lead. Soon, Lainey will be prancing down the avenues and byways of her town with ears up and bright eyes, proudly showing off her pretty accessories!

Here is Lainey with her friends Paisley and Dakota. She spends time outdoors with them in their exercise pen. She loves to follow them around and to sample what they eat and when they run around the pen, she runs with them! She just might be thinking she is a miniature horse, too!

Lainey is new on our foster page this week. If you'd like to sponsor her while we look around for a loving family for her, you can click on her photo here and let us know your donation is for our pretty Lainie.

Lainey is a beautiful name! It reminds us of Gone with the Wind. "As gawd is mah witness, ah'll nevah eat kibble agin!" swears
The Frog Princess

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