Sunday, May 6

Vinnie Gets Comfortable

Here's our footloose boy, Vinnie, enjoying a comfy spot in his happy new home. His new people could not be happier with this boy! Here's part of a note we got from them:

"Vinnie is doing WONDERFUL !! We are having a ball spoiling him and he has just fit right in. He hasn’t spent much time alone so far at all – just when we are at church on Sunday morning, and for an hour or so here and there. Everybody just loves him. We have a custard/ice cream place here called Ritters, and they have a dog night…He loves to go there, or anywhere we are going. And we try to take him for a walk in the neighborhood every night. He is a smart little guy and loves to show off."

We know that if we were as good-looking as Vinnie, we'd swagger and strut down the streets every chance we got!

Have a little cup of pistachio for us, Vinnie!
The Frog Princess

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