Thursday, May 10

Brother Can You Spare a Dime?

These photos of Troy, the handsome young breeder surrender, caused lyrics of the Depression-era song "Brother Can You Spare a Dime?" to run through our head. We don't know why. Maybe it's because he has such a melancholy expression in some of the photos. Maybe it's because we know that since coming into FBRN's care, Troy has lost a considerable amount of weight and undergone neutering. When he first came to us, Troy was very fearful, not at all accustomed to life as a pet. As he started hanging out with the resident Frenchies and chasing and playing and learning the fine points of Marquess of Queensberry Frenchie Wrasslin, he lost some pudge and gained some self-esteem and confidence.
While he was with us, we also caused his insides to disinvite some unwelcome guests that were making themselves obnoxious somewhere in the loops of his intestines. He felt much better without the hitchhikers. Still. Something was just. Not. Quite.

Once I was a puppy, I was the one! Just as bright and shiny as chrome!
Once I was a puppy, now I'm grown. Brother, can you spare a home?
Once I was a stud dog, I was the one, I was the dog in the zone!
Once I was a stud dog; now I'm done. Brother, can you spare a home?

Once in a rattan basket, gee we were cute
Full of that Frenchie frolic and fun!
Half a dozen pups, all chewed on a boot
And I was the one with the tongue!

Say don't you remember, you taught me, "Come!"
Taught me "sit!" "stay" and "down!"
Say, don't you remember, you taught me "Come!"
Brother, can you spare a home?

Troy is looking for a place to be loved and adored. If that sounds like your place, why not check out his bio and see what you think?

How can you resist that sad face? queries
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

I can't resist that sad expression! What a gorgeous boy with a memorable face!

Unknown said...

Troy! you are sooooo handsome! just look at that face. I have put in an application for you so keep your paws crossed! I know you'd be the happiest pup living with me but if it doesn't work out, I wish you all the best!