Thursday, May 10

A Freeman in Paris! Unfettered and Alive!

OK, so he's in Southern California instead of Paris. And maybe he's a little fettered by the great set of wheels Ruff Rescue sent us (great big Frenchie kisses to our friends over at Ruff Rescue!). But he is indisputably ALIVE and he is happy and he is getting healthier every day.
Do you remember the story of Freeman?

Freeman was the miracle boy. Miraculously, he wasn't killed by the car that struck him and paralyzed him. Miraculously, the folks who took him in at the shelter didn't euthanize him immediately, but called us instead. Miraculously, we had a foster home willing to take in a special needs boy. Miraculously, Freeman did not die from his severe UTI, as the vet said he almost certainly would have had he not had treatment within 48 hours.
Freeman has such a terrific zest for living. The vet who first saw him could hardly believe the spirit and joie de vivre he was seeing in a dog who had so recently been through such trauma. He had unhealed abrasions--including open sores that went nearly to the bone on the tops of his feet from dragging them behind him--and horribly infected ears, he had a life-threatening urinary tract infection, he was paralyzed, and he was a giant ray of sunshine! How could this be?
We tend to throw the entire kingdom into a cold, dark fog at the first sign of the sniffles or a hangnail, so we can't imagine what it would be like to be that sick and still be spreading around the joy, joy, joy, joy.
His feet are much better, thanks to a pair of booties and tender care. His ears are looking fabulous and pink, and he is zooming all around the town in his racy new wheels. His foster sister and brother are all the time trying to keep up with this young boy, we think he's about a year old, and he is up to the challenge. He also loves his morning quiet time while he gets to chew on a peanut-butter filled kong toy. When his foster mom comes to see him or the pet-sitter comes in, he hops on his front feet to express his delight to see them again. He's a wonder.
His vet is very impressed with the care our supporters provide for these dogs. He should be.

We know we are, proudly beams
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Freeman is one of the most inspiring, tear jerkingly wonderful stories I know. He is a special soul. We love him!!!
Caitlin, Chris, Tater tot

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story :) Gosh I LUV U Freeman!! Id luv to take you home.

Anonymous said...

Freeman looks like he's having a grand time! Is that Lillie and Murphy he's wrasslin' with? Those are pictures of pure joy.