Tuesday, May 1

Maurice is Mo Better!

We regret our recent absence from the blog and beg your pardon. To try to make up for disappointing our readers, we are providing a cavalcade of photos of a very popular young Frenchie who is nearly ready to move to his forever family.

You will remember that young Maurice, called Mo, was the six month-old boy unceremoniously dropped into a collection bin at a North Carolina shelter.

After some discussion and debate, the Board of Directors elected to take him in, though there was uncertainty about whether his bloodlines were unadulterated Frenchie.

Though there was disagreement about whether this dog was a throwback to another era, an old-fashioned, large Frenchie or a mix of Frenchie and English bulldog or something else, we saw enough Frenchie in this boy to justify asking our supporters to sponsor him.

His condition was shocking. So mangy that the gentlest loving stroke could cause fresh bleeding, so thin that his ribs threatened to break through his skin. Weeks of treatment for his mange, including repeated courses of strong drugs and weeks of home-cooked meals and vitamins and supplements and lots and lots of affection have wrought a major change.

What we see today is a fabulously handsome, wonderfully charismatic and entertaining young beast. He's smooshy when you want a smooshy pal, and he's energetic when you want an energetic pal!

This little big guy has got the world on a string, and we are sure his foster parents have a very tough row to hoe now that his applications are being considered.

Affable, handsome, trusting, affectionate and without the least sign of any temperament or health issues, we are very glad we chose to help Maurice. Frenchie or not, he was a dog who needed helping and our supporters stepped up to do the job.

He got to spend some time in the North Carolina woods recently and proved his worth by helping to find a real life morel out there in the wilderness. He's truly a French dog, with a nose for good mushrooms! We hope his new family appreciates his special skills, and also that they will share any truffly treats or morel morsels sweet Maurice might dig up!

Mmmm, morels! moans
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Oh, how I yearned over big Mo's bio & photos! Oh, how difficult to resist applying for him, tho' I knew my hands (& lap) are already full of Frenchies! Godspeed and God bless you, Mo, in your soon foreverhome!

anita said...

he looks wonderful! i am so glad he is going to be getting his new home soon. he deserves it!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a change! Bless his fosters and I hope he finds a wonderful home.

Anonymous said...

Aw, I wish I could take him home! Good luck, Mo! I'm sure you will find a perfect place.