Friday, May 18

Smeagol Says:

It's our first Blogiversary!
FBRNetwork News has been up for a year today! Two hundred and ninety five posts about our brave, beautiful, ridiculous frogdogs have gone up. We couldn't do it without the photos and stories we get from our foster parents and the adoptive families who take our fosters home.

To celebrate, we are calling for news from our FBRN grads, whether living or at the Bridge, and their families. Send us a photo or two and an update on how your FBRN adoptee is doing, and we'll post the news. Send your update and photo(s) to

fp-fbrn at comcast dot net

Celebrate with us and have a piece of virtual anniversary cake! We are enjoying a slice of poppyseed cake with raspberry filling and creamcheese icing. What's yours? asks

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Thank you for taking such good care of Frenchies who need special attention. FBRN is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I wanna see pictures and updates on all the dogs--but especially Lillie & Murphee, Jolly, Shoeless Joe, Elita, Texas Lily, Blush, and others!

Congrats on such a successful blog--if my boss only knew how much I check the website and read and reread the wonderful posts, I'd be in trouble!

Who is to pronounce it is Frog Princess Day in the Kingdom?

Balboa said...

Congratulations! You all do such great work for Frenchies everywhere!

Frenchie Kisses,

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the blogiversary. I love reading your posts. It's a great break in my all too serious day. Ill toast with a Fat Elvis cupcake in your honor (although raspberry and cream cheese sounds delightful). Mmmmmm!

Anonymous said...

"Sweet tater pie, maw! Sweet tater pie's the way to celebrate", says Smeagies & Willa Bean.

Thank you FBRN for saving all these love muffins!!!

Anonymous said...

Inquiring minds wanna know how Annabelle is doing in her new home!

Yay for the blogiversary--and a toast to the Frog Princess!

Reka, said...

Congratulations on the wonderful job you are doing with these wonderful frenchies. I love them. Reka from Romania.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary! Love FBRN and your blog. Long may it continue. Viva frogs all over the world!