Saturday, May 26

Trixie Goes to School

Trixie made a visit to her foster mom's school this week. She's available for adoption to a special family who will accommodate her disability. If you think you might be interested in her, you can read her biography, here.

She was a big hit with the children, who learned about dogs with disabilities and got to spend time learning about how Trixie lives.

Trixie got to dress up for the occasion in her new sunsuit. She looks very fresh in it, and the only thing cuter than Trixie in the classroom that day was the children offering kisses and gentle pats to a very patient and delighted Trixie who enjoyed every second of her time in the spotlight.

Her foster mom wrote a note to tell us about the day. We asked for permission to post the children's photos here and were delighted when parents let us use them.

There's nobody like a dog to tell your secrets to!

Here's the note we got from Trixie's foster mom:

Miss Trixie came to school with me today and my kids absolutely adored her. I doubt that she's ever been petted, kissed and hugged so much in one day!

I took her to visit our class of physically disabled kids in her wheels and the kids in wheelchairs got quite a kick out of seeing a dog with a wheelchair.

She's one tired girl tonight after all the excitement. Good thing she didn't have any homework! :)"

It is our opinion that every principal's office should have a well-trained, happy therapy dog in it. It would go a long way toward making schools welcoming, warm places, and the principal's office less scary. Just a thought, from
The Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little girl that Trixie is! She warms our hearts! Philippe and Luigi in CT. (come to the beach with us again Trixie!).