Wednesday, May 23

Molly Gets Better

Darling Molly in Oregon is going to be available next week.

She has been in foster care for some time as her foster mom and her vet worked on her upper respiratory infection and other health problems. She still has drops everyday for an eye with glaucoma, but otherwise she is healthy and sleek and very affectionate towards her people.

Now that Molly's all better, she has been spayed and is now recovered.

At a year old, Molly doesn't know much about how to play nicely with other dogs or even how to play with toys, though she has had plenty of opportunity to learn with the friendly dogs in her foster home.

Her foster mom tells us Molly would be a great dog for a dry climate: she's only housetrained if there is no precipitation!

If it rains or snows while she's supposed to be taking care of business, she just stands there in the doorway wearing her little jacket and shivering and throwing reproachful looks over her shoulder at her foster mom. Hey! Turn off the weather, lady!

Molly should probably be an only dog. She wasn't well socialized with other dogs, so she is suspicious of them and will bark and lunge at dogs while out for walks. It's a shame, too, because such a gorgeous young thing should be having fun playing with other dogs, tumbling and wrasslin' and tugging and running.

But as much as she is not a fan of other dogs, she simply loves people. She's a typical Frenchie in that regard, and she can't get enough attention, kisses and caresses. She'll be happiest in a home where she'll be allowed to sleep in the people bed at night! If she sounds like a good match for you and your family, keep an eye out for Molly's available bio. It will be up on the website next week.

In the meanwhile, you stick to your guns, Molly! No Frenchie should have to endure drizzly drizzle or icy ice! proclaims
The Frog Princess

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