Friday, May 4

Tasha Toddles In

Tasha has been placed with an FBRN volunteer in a home with 3 Frenchie girls in residence. Tasha was the old girl, nearly 14 years old, who was dropped at a shelter recently. Thanks to a rescue-friendly shelter director, we were able to step in and save her from near-certain euthanasia. Old dogs just don't get adopted very often, and that is the sad fact of most shelters, which do not have space, money or facilities to house elderly dogs until the rare adopter willing to consider an aging dog arrives.

We decided that due to Tasha's age, we would seek a retirement home for her among our own volunteers. We were not surprised, though we were very gratified, to have several loving homes offer a place for Tasha. She was placed very close to her foster home.

Tasha is very healthy, seems to have the energy of a girl 4 or 5 years younger, and she has an easy temperament. She is doing very well with the dogs in her new family, and is showing no signs of stress. This is a laid back girl who appears to be taking her change in circumstance in stride!
Tasha drove to her new home in style, as you see, and then got to meet her new sister, Peggy, a ten-year old brindle recovering from a surgery.
In the bottom photo, you can see Tasha's new sisters--Allie is on the left, she's nine--and the honey-pied whippersnapper on the right is the baby of the family, KC. At just sixteen months she spends her days keeping the elder ladies young by running rings around them and luring them into the kinds of play they'd forgotten they once knew.

Those of you who were able to attend the New England Frenchie Social last weekend might have had a chance to meet Tasha. She was there, regal and receiving the well-wishes and little attentions that are so delightful and which make life so enjoyable for a lady of advanced years.

We wish you well in your new home, Tasha! Happy landings!
The Frog Princess

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