Friday, April 27

YaYa Stakes Her Claim

Here's a story we got recently from YaYa's mom. You remember YaYa, don't you? She was the Frenchie we saw on a television program featuring a spanky, fancy, wonderful new shelter in Washington, D.C., where she'd wound up after narrowly missing being sold at a flea market with a miller's collection of used-up, sick and dying breeder dogs. A volunteer with an all-breed rescue talked the miller out of the dogs, and found YaYa a place in the Washington shelter. The shelter allowed us to take her into our care. YaYa, Greek for grandmother, is an elderly girl, but it appears that she has no stereotypically grandmotherly instincts when it comes to sharing and spending time with any youngsters! Here's what happened:

"I have a very funny YaYa HaHa story for you.Last weekend I dog sat for some friends while they moved. They have a cockapoo named Jigsaw. He's about a year old. So he's playful, but not hyper. YaYa seemed fine with him, but it's not like she was thrilled he was there.

Well, here's the funny part - on Sunday I realized that there were all these bones (nylas) up in my bedroom in an area together, 4 of them, plus "Froggy."

Sidenote: Froggy is in the picture I've attached. I don't know how in the world it came into my life, but a couple weeks ago YaYa came in the room carrying it! It was hysterical.

Froggy was on my lowest level - and the nylas were on the lowest level and the middle level. UNTIL, I found them ALL in my bedroom and realized that YaYa was trying to keep her belongings away from Jigsaw. She carried that frog up 2 flights of stairs!!!! Oh my, I wish I had a hidden camera that could have caught that!!!"

We don't blame YaYa one bit! After 8 or 10 years in a kennel without any personal belongings, churning out Frenchie babies, YaYa deserves some toys that are hers alone. We love the determination it took for her to move her things to the safety of her own room!

Way to claim your space, YaYa! You've earned your premiere spot in that home, and as we royals know, Rank Hath Its Privileges!

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

I loved reading the update on Sweet Yaya! She seems like a real hoot, and so adored in her new home! I think her green frog toy is really her fierce partner-in-crime!

Anonymous said...

THAT is a cute story!!! Yay for YaYa!

Anonymous said...

Umm yah you don't have to share your toys if you don't want. Does your human lend out here best stilletos and bags to a visiting rabble rouser? I think not. You guard that precious frog, the young ones might not know how to handle such a treasure, with care. Malaka, all of them!