Wednesday, April 25

Shoeless Joe Finds His Feet

After a couple of false starts, through no fault of his own, our dear Shoeless Joe has found a place of his own at last!He's living like a superstar with children, mom and dad. And as you can see by the grin on his face, he is just as satisfied as he can be. Though turned back by an unseasonable blizzard on their first try, his new family drove across two states to fetch our barefoot boy. He's a happy frog, and now he's making others happy.
We've followed his progress through our foster program with great interest and we'll be hoping for updates from his family.
Keep your feet on the ground, old boy!
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

I love the happy ending to Shoeless Joe's wandering! I hope his forever family sends many updates on his new adventures! Kisses to that dear sweet (much-healthier looking) mug of his!

anita said...

i am so happy for joe! i think he and those kids of his are so lucky to have one another.:) yeah for joe!!

Anonymous said...

I love that smile on Joe's face! My Sisi smiles like that when she's getting a belly rub! Way to go, Joe!