Saturday, April 7

Valentine Is Looking Great!

We got a note from the happily adopted Valentine's foster mom, who works as a vet tech. Valentine recently came in to have her allergy status checked, and her former foster mom sent us this update:
"Just wanted to share with everyone. [Valentine's dad] brought her in for her recheck today and she looks fabulous!! I took a pic with my camera phone so it is nowhere near great but I suppose better than nothing.She is a firecracker and would not sit still so he had to hold her. He took his busy day off from being a surgeon to bring her in. She has gained almost 5 lbs since she has been with him!! She looks great and has all her hair back. She is finally off of all steroids and the mange and fungal infections all cleared up. They could not be happier with her. I am just so happy that I got to give her a kiss and say hi. :) She looked better than I have ever seen her look FINALLY a little over a year later!"
Many of you will recall Valentine's shocking condition when she first came to us on Valentine's day last year. Adjusting and readjusting and testing and trials ensued, and at this point it appears that Valentine's system has reached a state of something like equilibrium, and she is no longer bouncing from staph infection to mange to yeast infection and back again.
Valentine garnered enormous support and sponsorships when she appeared on the website and for weeks and weeks following. She really needed that support for all the meds and the tests and retrials she had to undergo, and we wanted you all to know that your donations have paid off. Placed with a physician who understands the importance of proper medication and careful monitoring, and who has the wherewithal to provide Valentine with the kinds of food, medical treatments and care she needs, we are confident that Valentine will never descend into the cycle of miserable itchies she once endured.
And that's thanks, in large part, to those folks who send us small and large donations, whether on a one-time, occasional or regular basis.
We are so grateful to know you all are out there and we can count on you, but our gratitude is small potatoes compared to what we are sure Valentine is feeling!
Imagine--itch free after all these years!

Mmmm. Potatoes. Is it time for breakfast? wonders
The Frog Princess


Balboa said...

You look fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Valentine looks absolutely wonderful! What a tribute to her foster family she is!

Anonymous said...

How long was Valentine like that.... we have just picked up a frenchy and he has the same skin condition... i take him to the vet and all the do is give around 5 different drugs (steriods and anti hestamines..)even though he is on all these drugs as soon as he finishes his course it pops back again... now they want him to have a skin test... did you do a skin test to Valentine? would appreciate any feedback.


Anonymous said...

im commpletely amazed at the turn around this dog has made. We need more people in this world like you. This is my first time visiting this website. I was actually lokking at the dog that i raised and trained honeybuls "st elmos fire". i was in a foster home at the house that "elmo" was purchased at and we fell in love with eachother. anyways thank you for your support with the frnchies they truely are a wonderful breed.