Monday, April 16

Queenie Dresses Up

Queenie's foster mom sent us her resume:

Here is Queenie's bid to be Playdog of the Month (costume designed by
Jan Frymyer):

Occupation: Dominatrix

Age: Mature and Experienced (one NEVER asks a lady!)

Favorite Things: Humans, tattoos, Riding my Harley, Rumbling with the boys, S&M (snacks & munchies), guarding my house and family, keeping everything in order according to my rules

Dislikes: Anything with four legs, rain, pedicures

Objective: To find a human/humans who need a mature gal to rule without question, protect the family and keep law and order and never, ever give me away again. I have
lots of love to give.

Reason for
Application: My foster Ma would keep me forever if I'd only stop trying to bite off the boys' private parts! I'm really a very happy Dominatrix!

We like it when our foster parents have fun with their foster frogs! Queenie is a great sport. Don't you think your house could use a little Queenie? asks
The Frog Princess


Balboa said...

Great smile, but I better make sure I keep my privates away from you.

Frenchie Kisses,

Linda Palmer said...

Hi There,
I just wanted to thank you for your great updates on the foster frenchies under your care. It's so obvious that you love them all so very much. We frenchie lovers owe you our gratitute.