Sunday, April 15

Bubba's Happy Home

We received a lovely update from the family who adopted our adorable Dewey, now called Bubba, a few months ago.

It appears to us that he is settling in very well, and has even discovered the secret to happiness: Cheese and children!

Here's what his new mom told us about a typical day in Bubba's new life:
"Wanted to share some pictures of Bubba. He has been doing great. An average day for Bubba is getting up with the girls to drive to school, and then we have some breakfast, and maybe a nap in the sun. Then we move on to a mid day walk followed by another sunlit nap. Then the kids come home and it's time for some begging because Kyle is the cheese man (Mom knows nothing of this).

After the afternoon snack it's time for some doggy wrestling and maybe another nap. Then comes dinner yum. Then Mom goes upstairs for kids' baths and bedtime which involves all dogs and kids on the bed for a story. At last bedtime in Kyle's bed because it's the lowest to the ground and I can climb up all by myself! What a busy life."

Bubba looks very comfortable snuggled in his bed with his new pal, and hanging out with the children. We love to get updates from our adopted frogdogs, and we hope adoptive families will continue to send their notes and photos to their dogs' foster parents for forwarding to the blog!

Till next time, Bubba!
The Frog Princess

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