Wednesday, April 4

Eloise in Las Vegas

Eloise, our Arizona foster dog, has gone to live in the warm, dry climate of Las Vegas with her new Dad.As you see, she is as comfortable as she can be, and her dad says the change in scene has been really good for her. She's no longer chewing her feet and she has lost a little weight and settled right in to the neighborhood. We think she's pretty enough to be a showgirl, and smart enough to beat the house at Blackjack! But right now she's keeping her work at home dad company and watching the cactus flowers bloom.
There are cacti in Las Vegas, aren't there? asks a botanically ignorant
Frog Princess

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Anonymous said...

Eloise looks very happy and restful on her doggy bed--a soft bed, toys, and attention in her forever home. Glad to hear that she and her new dad are well! Stay clear of those cactus thorns Miss El!