Friday, April 6

Denali in Daylight

Though man may work from sun to sun

And woman's work is never done

A Frenchie must be eternally vigilant in following the sun across the room as the day wears on and she waits patiently for her perfect application to appear. Denali is likely, even now, to be sleeping in a sunbeam, standing up to move over to a sunbeam, or preparing to settle into a sunbeam.
Listen, it's a difficult and demanding job, but somebody's gotta do it!
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Denali - we'll share OUR sunbeam with you anyday!

Anonymous said...

Queen Denali ~ Princess Punkie is sending some Easter sunshine wishes your way...she has many rays to share...the royal one spent the holiday sunning in her solarium while Mom prepared goodies in the kitchen! You should've been there! Our thoughts and prayers go out to this precious gal!