Saturday, April 14

Queenie Cleans Up

Queenie came to us when her family's condo board decided to forbid dogs. She is enjoying her reign in her foster home, where she relentlessly bullies the two male Frenchies she has decided are not courtiers but mere vassals for her abuse.

Queenie will be happiest, we feel, as only dog, where her every whim and wish can be anticipated and provided for. Her foster mom, who has become her number one lady-in-waiting, says that following her bath, Queenie's beautiful brindling became more apparent, and she is a lovely girl. As you see, there's a look in Queenie's eye that hints at mischief and a certain je ne sais quois in the area of personality. We imagine that following this photo, Mme. Queenie sprouted wings and flew around the house spattling soapy water and medicated shampoo all over the furnishings. There's a Mary-Poppins'y grumpiness with a soupcon of magic, there.

We are very glad that Queenie is in the wilds of Mary's land and nowhere near our own quiet, comfortable, no-flying-frogs-allowed kingdom, says
The Frog Princess

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