Friday, April 13

Joey One Eye in the Garden

Joey One Eye has survived his first rainy winter in the great Pacific Northwest. His allergies, which caused him to rend himself to shreds and tatters, are thankfully under control, and he seems more comfortable and less itchy when he is dressed. Now that the clouds have rolled out and he can enjoy the occasional patch of blue in the sky, and the bulbs are manfully pushing up and greenery is emerging in every corner of the garden, J.O.E. is happy to be helping with the winter clean up and keeping the mosquito-catching fish safe from predatory raccoons and any cats that might show up with a minatory eye for a seafoody snack.

J.O.E. has a great sense of style and is always happy to entertain his folks' friends and serve as taste-tester for the appetizers. He is especially fond of foreign cheeses and has twice done such a good job testing the cheeses for a party that the visitors arrived to find only a few sad smears, some salty cracker crumbs and a number of sniffed-at and disarranged fruit slices to attest to the fact that there were ever any hors d'oevres at all to go with the wine. A surreptitious dash to the local 7-11 for nachos and corndogs saved the evening on one occasion, we believe, and a quick raiding of the larder and some ingenious mixing of a variety of pickles, some olives, and a few pulses of the food processor turned some Vienna sausages and a couple of tablespoons of Vegemite into a creditable multicultural pate and antipasto plate.

Joey One Eye is a very cosmopolitan gentleman, he is, with sophisticated tastes and a charming and urbane personality, even considering the occasional gluttonous cheese-snarfing. If you are in the Portland, Oregon, area sometime and can make the Frenchie meetup you just might run into him in person. He's very puppular there, in one of the best cities to be a dog in in the whole USA.

Vegemite and Vienna sausages. It's what's for dinner! squeals
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

"It's nothing but a pack of lies!" protests Joey One Eye. p.s. he says if it warms up this weekend he's going to break out his "STUD" muscle tee for the ladies at the dog park. He has his eye on a great dane with a finely turned ankle and a black eye.....

Heather and Pumpkin said...

Pumpkin says that Joey One Eye looks very handsome in his polo shirt and sends her love.

Anonymous said...

Great to see Joey doing so well!