Tuesday, December 30


Farley was found awandering by a Good Samaritan who tracked down his owner. When the owner was located, it turned out Farley was not so much lost as set free to find his own path in the world. The Good Samaritan took Farley home and called us and we hotfooted it over to fetch the poor boy.

Farley has a big bald patch from demodex, plus he has hookworms and a dry eye condition that requires drops. But the first two are mere pests
and the third, while a bit of a nuisance, is easily managed. He's a happy young frog. Here's a note we got from his foster mom last week:

"Here are some pics of Farley playing. Don't laugh at his "a bit too small" sweater, it's the ONLY one he would wear! I have a larger red coat but every time I try to put it on him he tries to kill it! He lets me put the sweater on with no trouble, I guess the boy knows what he likes! It has been around 5 degrees here so I wanted him to wear something. His personality is coming out more each day, we're really enjoying him. Now just working on getting that skin cleared up."

We're with you, Farley! If you've got it, flaunt it! advises

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Oh Farley! I'm so glad that good samaritan got you in the hands and hearts of FBRN. Now you won't have to ever worry about being abandoned.

You do look TOPS in that leeeetle sweater by the way. If you are about the tighter fit I can understand. Handsome and fashion savvy.

Thanks Frog Princess and to Farley's Foster Family!

Unknown said...

It looks like Farley is making the most out of the situation he has been dealt! He is so adorable and I'm glad he is finally getting the love and attention he deserves. A big thanks to Farley's foster family for taking care of Farley and getting him back to tip-top shape!

Anonymous said...

Farley, you are too adorable! Your story broke my heart and today I sponsored you... I hope that gets you on your way to feeling all better! .. And maybe something left over for another little sweater! :)

Anonymous said...

handsome! handsome! handsome! especially in the little sweater.