Tuesday, December 16


The recession is breaking hearts as well as nest eggs all across the country. This is Petey Boy, a well-beloved frog whose owners tearfully surrendered him when they were caught in the pernicious drift net that has been cast over our nation and the world. Here's a note from Petey Boy's foster mom from the day she picked him up following his transport of several hundred miles:

"Petey Boy was surrendered due to his owner's financial situation.

Petey is a 5 year old neutered male. We just picked him up today so we are still learning about his personality. But I thought I'd send along a few pics. He is a bit ... ahem... "robust" at 33+ pounds, especially in comparison to my 23 pound Pip. They seem to be getting on just fine, even though he reportedly didn't like other dogs. Petey has ignored the cats, and adores my husband. (If my husband is in the room, Petey only has eyes for him.)

The car ride was very stressful for him, so we are working on being calm and relaxed to diffuse some of his tension.

The owner sent a huge box of toys, plenty of food, blankets and a bed, and a 4 page handwritten and tear stained note with details on feeding, schedule, personality and how dearly they love him. It is heart breaking to read."

We can only imagine the pain this poor family is feeling. We sincerely hope things get better for them and all who have been displaced--human and canine--in the past little while.

Here are some photos of Petey Boy in his new home, playing with his Frenchie foster brother and his human foster brother. He has got the most winsome grin we've seen in quite some time, and we know that this big lug is going to be a very popular pup. He's on our available pages right now if you'd like to check out his bio.

He's a model frogdog, and we are looking for a home for him where he will be loved and adored for the rest of his life. If you think you can provide that, don't delay putting in your application for him.

He's a fine figure of a frog! proclaims
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

What a face! "Hubba hubba" says Julie (aka The Ice Queen, not easily moved by such lowly & superficial things). "Grrr..." says Kirby, not one to mince words.
(aka: She Who Lurks)

Anonymous said...

This was very hard to read.

In some ways its easier to think of a dog coming to FBRN because he's been neglected or a puppy mill survivor than knowing that somewhere out there a heartbroken family is doing there best for the dog they love by giving him up for adoption.

Anonymous said...

ugh...if only I was in New York and not Arizona....quite a shame! he's truly precious.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the other poster - it makes me sad that his loving parents can't keep him.

Anonymous said...

What a doll! I so wish I had a fenced yard - or any yard at all. Good luck, sweetie!

mints said...

i applied for petey boy!