Thursday, December 25

Warm Your Heart

Earlier this month we got a call from Angelina's owner's mom, letting us know that she was trying to persuade her son to surrender Angelina to us rather than have her become an outside dog.

Angelina piddled when she got excited or nervous. When her family brought a new baby home, they decided that Angelina should live outside rather than crate her overnight or seek some medical solution. That meant she'd live outside winter and summer. The night we got the call, the temps were forecast to be in the single digits.

Angelina waits for the ball!

Grandma was able to talk her child into keeping the dog inside at night, but the next day when Grandpa went to check on her, he found her outside, under the deck, huddled next to a much hairier dog. He took her home and we arranged the surrender from the grandparents' house. We are so glad that these grandparents reached out to us and did what needed to be done for Angelina's safety.

We got an update from Angelina's foster mom today. Here's what she says: "She is just wonderful! When she was rescued she was sleeping outside under a deck in the snow with another dog, her owners said she had a problem with piddling on the floor when she was excited, she does sometimes but not with us anymore.
She was so sad when she came, she was afraid we were going to leave her outside so she wouldn't even go out unless we stood on the porch, now she runs out and uses the bathroom all alone knowing that I will be right there to let her back into the

She is going to make someone a very special friend! She loves to fetch her toy and even brings it back. I am going to post some pictures of her when I figure that part out. She has one deformed ear and green eyes. I have never seen a frenchie with green eyes!"

This rescue was possible because we got some help from other breed rescuers.

We could not have done this without the help of MidWest Boston Terrier Rescue and Great Lakes Bengal Rescue. Because we don't have full volunteer coverage in the Indiana/Illinois/Michigan area, we asked for help from our volunteers' network of rescue friends, and they came through for us!
Kentuckiana Pug Rescue and other rescue groups have helped us in the past, and we remain obliged and grateful for their help.

Angelina after her bath.

Some people just don't seem to grasp that even though dogs are animals, and some dogs have thick fur, that not all dogs are designed to survive extremes of heat and cold. The same day that Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue helped us with Angelina, one of their volunteers was horrified to learn that the Boston she was to pick up and foster had frozen to death. Please, please don't leave your dogs outdoors in sub-freezing weather. On this Christmas Day, please spare a thought for all those who shiver in the cold.

If you haven't already, please consider donating money, food or blankets to your local shelter, animal or human. Winter has only just begun. There will be a great many more freezing nights before the last frost of spring.

Maybe it's time to light a candle or put another log on the fire? suggests

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Poor baby! No telling what horrors she has lived, with those ignorant people! Too bad the other dog had to stay behind! Thanks, FBRN, for taking this little angel, she has a chance for a real life!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Frog Princess for your (always) thoughtful comments. This was a very difficult story to read and your reminder to think about all the living beings, human and animal, living outside in the cold is one way to make sense of this (almost!) tragedy and extend our compassion outwards.

Thank goodness that Angelina is recuperating and enjoying warmth and love in her foster home. Her sad story has sparked a new beginning, thanks to FBRN.

Anonymous said...

Angelina, you have the sweetest face and I'm sure the biggest heart too. We are so glad you are out of the cold and in a home of warmth for all of your needs.

Thank you FBRN for giving her a chance. She is so beautiful!

Take care sweet Angelina.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to FBRN for saving all those unwanted, needy, unfortunate & helpless our dear Phoebe that we adopted in April 2007. We support you always, but also support the Humane League of Lancaster County (the puppy mill capital of the world which we are trying to stop!!!). See them at We have helped rescue/ransom a few frenchies from millers, and altho we live in IL we are trying to stop this poison before it starts, and if we are successful we can decrease the # of rescues to FBRN. God bless everyone who helps/cares/rescues/donates to those pups who have no voice. And God bless Angelina, so precious!

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the wonderful groups that helped with this rescue! It's great that we can all work together.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to a world filled with love, Angelina. Bless your Grandma and Grandpa for doing what was right! FBRN will make it all better and you'll never be cold and alone outside in the dark again.

Hugs, Dear one.

Anonymous said...

what beautiful eyes she has! I am so glad that little Angie is safe, happy, and warm.