Saturday, December 13

Portlanders' Generosity

We got this report from a Portland OR volunteer last week!

"Every year The Portland Oregon Frenchie MeetUp Crowd has a holiday photo fundraiser.

Here are two of the attendees who stopped by during the three hour open house.

This year Meet-Up organizer Nicole and her Frenchie Rosko decided the proceeds from this year's event would benefit FBRN! David Childs Photography donates their services every year for the event, and the photos are wonderful. See all the shots here:

David Childs can be reached at david at DavidChildsPhotography dot com

New FBRN grad Clara was a little nervous and considered hitting the sauce.

We are glad she decided to "Just Say No"

Here's Clara with her adoptive mom

And the formal portrait of Clara with her new sibs

Here's David's shot of FBRN foster hunk Tommy Boy

The fund raiser brought in $535 for FBRN Frenchies in need!

Thanks to Nicole, David Child Photography, and all the Frenchies and non-Frenchies who dragged their people to the meet up on a beautiful afternoon for beautiful holiday photos.

Joey One Eye says "High Five Everybody! Happy Holidays!" (That's FBRN grad Loolie and sister Patti in the sleigh with him!)"

Oh, my goodness, we are starting to feel some of the holiday spirit!

There's a little tingle with the sound of the jingling bells!

Many, many thanks to Nicole and David Childs and all the folks at the meet-up! Our Frenchies really appreciate your kindness!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, hums

The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU PORTLAND FRENCHIE MEET-UP!! Our Froggies in need appreciate your help!

Anonymous said...

I heart Portland! Beautiful Frenchies, lovely looking people, diverse families, cute babies, and cool green living room walls! Sigh. I can see why everyone is moving there. And raising $$$ to support FBRN too. You NorthWesterners are da bomb!

Sarah said...

Absolutely beautiful photos! Love it!

Anonymous said...

What a great event! We'd love to do the same thing next year!