Monday, December 8

Please vote!

FBRN is competing with other rescue organizations around the country for grant and prize money.

Violet had a spay surgery

Here's one place you can go to vote for FBRN and help us win $10,000.
Dozer went to Ohio State University's vet school for allergy testing and needed two kinds of medicine.

Signing in and voting takes about a minute. It means leaving your name and email address, but if you uncheck the box asking if you wish to receive updates, you will get no further emails beyond the confirmation that your vote was counted.

Truffle needed eye drops

We spent over 30,000 dollars in September on veterinary bills for the 130 dogs in our care. Please, take one minute of your day and help us help these needy, homeless frogs.

Gratefully yours,
The volunteers of FBRN and
The Frog Princess


Anonymous said...

Okay I did it!

Anonymous said...

FBRN spent THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS for vet care in September?!? Oh my!

I do a small monthly donation, and I am glad it can be of use--a small drop in the bucket, but every bit counts!

I went ahead and VOTED for FBRN in Glen Allen, VA. FBRN has 300 votes but needs more. C'mon peoples!!

Can our Frogs vote too?

A Loyal Frog Princess Reader

Anonymous said...

FBRN is now up to 350 votes!!! Yay for everyone who responded!! But we need more, so please tell your friends, family, and coworkers!!