Monday, January 5

Nessy Noodle

Vanessa was spayed last month and when she got home, she got the deluxe treatment from her friend, Sydney.

Here's what her foster mom had to say:

"We are fostering Vanessa. AKA: Nessa, Nessy, Nessy New-New, Nessy Noodle and finally her superhero name is Nine Nippled Nessy Noodle-girl. But that is only when she wears her cape and pretends to save the world with my superhero daughter Super Sydney.

Noodle was spayed today.
She came home from the vet and Sydney read her a book about dogs.
Then she ate yummy beef stew and took her pain meds and her pheno. (for her controlled seizure disorder.)
Sydney made a nice bed in our larger crate out of her baby blankets and pillows from her bed. The larger crate allows for Ness to move a bit better with the collar on."

Home cooked meals! Storytime! A serving maid! This is the lifestyle to which all Frenchie damsels aspire.

And rightly so, considers

The Frog Princess


Mary Lyter said...

Our froggie, Ivy, has 9 nipples too! Prior to today, I thought she was the only 9-nippled princess. I hope Nessy recovers quickly!

Anonymous said...

Nessa is nice-a.

Anonymous said...

That is a very nice Doggie book, too.